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cat50 T5

INV 1493 This is part of a tool holder liquidation from a high tech company that closed in Michigan. They were running high end tooling. I have over 60 Different Kaiser Cat 50 tool holders to list so please view my other items and we can do a package deal. This was a surprisingly clean shop. Nothing was misused or abused. Check out the up close photos. I am more then happy to create packages. Photos are the actual tool you will receive.

This tool consists of:

Brand: Kaiser
Type: CAT50 KAB Shank
Model: 11.326.664
Taper: CAT 50
Connection Type: KAB6
Projection: 5.079"
Coolant Through: Yes

Brand: Kaiser
Type: KAB Extension
Male/Female Adapter: KAB6
Catalog Number: 11.331.660
Length: 2.362"

Boring Head
Brand: Kaiser
Series: RW 68
Model: 314.605
Catalog #: 6370-0022
Order Number: 637.462
Connection Type: KAB6
Projection: 2.795"
Coolant Through: Yes

Insert Wings
Brand: Kaiser
Model: 637.462
Range: 86mm To 106mm (3.385" To 4.173")
Insert Type: CC.. 1204

Weight: 21.5 LBS

Ships via FedEx or LTL if you purchase a package. 

Thanks for Looking!

Thanks for Looking! I have a regular business selling used equipment. This item is also for sale outside of eBay therefore my listing will often end without notice. If you're interested please bid or make an offer promptly to avoid losing out. Buy with confidence. There is a 30 day return privilege if the item arrives not as described or non-functional unless otherwise stated in the description. Buyer must notify us within 30 days of items arrival. This is not a satisfaction guarantee, I will only honor a return if we miss-listed the items or it does not function properly. I try to take REALLY good photos so you know what you are bidding on. We want you to feel comfortable buying from us. If you have any questions please let us know.

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Sat, Mar 26, 2016 3:38PM CDT
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